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performance icon™

The PFAFF® performance icon™ executes better than anything you’ve ever experienced. You will have full control over all of your projects down to the nest detail— so you can impress yourself with the perfect possibilities.

Elegant functionality is delivered with poise and precision by the exciting expression™ line. quilt-expression-720

expression™ 710

Harness the versatility and precision integral to the masterful sewist. expression-710

quilt ambition™ 630

Unrivalled precision and commanding innovation come standard. quilt-ambition-630

ambition™ 610

Durable technology and artful operation make this machine stand out from the crowd. ambition-610

passport™ 3.0

Perfectly convenient for small spaces and going places. The new passport™ 3.0 sewing machine. passport-3-0

passport™ 2.0

Whether you are seeking a sewing machine for a small space or one perfectly designed for travel and classes – this is it. passport-2-0